Company Culture

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Company Culture
In building the company’s organizational culture, Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia naturally takes on Komatsu Way and Catur Dharma Astra. Taking on Komatsu Way and Catur Dharma Astra as its foundation, the Company’s established a solid organizational culture by nine cultural pillars as the guidelines for all KRA employees in thinking, acting, interacting and making decisions within all business settings.
Customer Satisfaction
To understand the needs, to provide the best services over what customer expected in order to create sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships
Honesty & Integrity
To think, to speak, and to act in harmony
To work with accuracy, precision, consideration, precise calculation, premeditated and well-organized to obtain the best result
To hold good faith, ethics, positive thinking and tolerance which shown in interacting with others in internal or external of the company
People Focus
To always strive earnestly and to support each other to develop the competencies and achievements
To have a foresight, creativity, and new better ideas
To have a sense of belonging and high responsibility as well as to play an active role for the advancement and sustainability of the company
Networking and Collaboration
To maximally utilize all of company’s resources and to forge partnership with many parties
Strive for Excellence
To strive for the best result
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